Thirsts that never quenched!

Don’t be Shrushti!

In a wonderful city, Ahmedabad lived a wonderful girl named Srushti. She was never a topper but still most sensible person amongst her aged people because, she did not like mugging up or impressing faculty members. Apart from this, most of the times she moved out of the examination hall first, as she always used to write that was required to clear the exams. She was quite conservative while calculating marks during exams and hence ended up with average scores.

Developing an interest for a good career, she started becoming sincere about her scores, which did no good. She appeared for competitive exams, but could never reach the colleges or score she targeted. She could go through all hardships, even compromising her sleep, social networking, social functions, etc. but nothing brought her results. Even placements did not meet her expectations.

She fell in love but not every story has a good end. People did try to get closer but not for her friendship but for her help in some tasks or due to her figure. She understood things and took each step cautiously but could never deny help though being quite bold and sarcastic in general. She always had courage to go anywhere and demand her rights, but emotions always remained her weakness.

She accepted it that her thirsts for love and recognition could never be quenched. Only relief was that she even had few actual friends to talk to whenever she could not bear aloofness anymore. She reduced socializing or participating, and soon was a boring creature who was once a tough competitor in dance, sports, social events and so on. Once the most responsible, is no more interested in taking any responsibility.

The life continued and she continued to exist. Even if good things come across, she doesn’t pay attention and is away from the world while being a part of it. Neither excitement nor bothering comes to her anymore. Living is just a formality she does!

(Declaration: The Character as well as story is fictional. The story tries to convey how the life can be if one takes everything negatively. Everybody needs motivation, if external world doesn’t support, one needs to understand the importance of self-motivation.)



The real success is when you feel that if there was someone like you whom you have met, you would like to follow his/her footsteps and be the way that person is!

Waiting for such day to come in my life!

The extremes

I feel that behaviour of people currently are on two extremes. I believe that both personal and professional life are equally important and need to go hand in hand. But in reality, I see people on extremes.

Some people get so crazy about relationship and stuff that they even take steps such as suicide in some cases – they don’t realise that they have responsibilities towards their parents, they can have their own aspirations other than “love” to be fulfilled etc. I completely understand there might be moments when we fail to understand what is right for us but being rational is very important in such situations. I personally believe it’s better to delay decisions rather than taking them while your mind is not stable!

On the other hand I see people who just want their career to be the best at any cost. Few are crazy for money and rest are for power. They do not mind harming other people or their reputation if it can give them some advantage. There have been several instances when people have moved on path of crimes to achieve their aspirations!

It’s really rare nowadays to find people who concentrate on both and follow certain dignity while walking on their path. Some people say that these people are not practical but being honest I feel they are the most practical people. Such people are the most trustworthy and comparatively helpful to people. But such tendency is harmful for themselves. People understand their weaknesses well and know how to take advantage of them in different situations. Between the two extremes, these people suffer!

The only thing I think people should understand and follow is being rational and respect other people along with their feelings or beliefs. You need to consider all the stakeholders while taking any decision and moving ahead! In long run if we want to be successful or happy, we don’t have to put other people down or punish ourselves for someone else’s mistake.



Nature has some unknown power to provide any person with peace and rejuvenate any stresses or frustrated individual!


In today’s world, moving away from people and be amidst nature is the most awesome feeling. Nature doesn’t ask for anything in return for providing us with every required thing for our lives.

Unfortunately, we have failed to acknowledge nature and provide it with care and significance it deserves! Why can’t we preserve or respect things that come to us easily and make our sustenance possible?

Just sit for few minutes in lap of nature and feel the internal peace and strength you get. It provides with confidence and relieves you from the everyday irritations. Such an experience is priceless and a wonderful change in our regular lives!

Lets create more such places to relax. Lets nurture nature and make it a part of our life!


Do you ever feel lonely at a place full of people?
Why does that happen?
Is it because you are obsessed with few people or are others obsessed with some other people apart from you?
There even might be situation when you obviate yourself from people ‘s discussions because of the disturbance in your mind…
What should one do in such situations?
Sit in a corner and close your eyes for 5 mins.,
And then observe people around- their fun, innocence and bonds.
Help yourself get relieved and find happiness that is in the air around you!


Remember suddenly all attention of family shifted from you to your new-born sibling?

A feeling that ruled your mind once, but disappeared with acceptance!

Initially you were excited to keep on talking to your sibling though you knew he/she did neither understand you nor would respond!

After few days you realise, you need to share things with sibling – everything starting from toys to room!

Once he/she starts growing up, they demand your stuff with full right and you both indulge into fight, but end up approving younger one’s demand…

But once childhood departs, the bond is realised and you share those sibling secrets and codes and desires!

You seem to be more responsible and protect the younger one, but do you remember when you were unwell, attitude had reversed?

When together, you can’t resist quarrelling, but when away, you can’t resist caring! That’s why your sibling was the first one to hug when you returned from some trip.

This is the strongest bond one experiences – a perfect blend of irritation and affection!!!

It grows with nourishment by understanding and tests of time!

Keep giggling with your sibling and live life to fullest!!!

That excitement!

Do you recall how excited were you when you joined a new course?

You could associate neither reason nor source…
You suddenly wanted to talk to everyone around!
You wanted to know how those strangers actually sound!
It’s a bubble experienced by all…
You care about each call…
It’s because you are away from your cozy corner,
It’s again a time to shape yourself on a new burner!
With time, you adapt to the new environment,
And it no more takes you back to that level of excitement 
Now you know everyone in the class,
And there’s nothing now to take a chance.
Best situation is when excitement never reduces,
Rather gets diverted to critical factors and cases!
Don’t let that initial zeal to be a bubble 
Rather direct it to make it a factor that is ignitable!!!


Wheel of joy and despair continue

Sometimes I don’t enjoy good times fully –

because I constantly fear its end.

Sometimes I actually know

that their end is near…

I know this is something I’ll miss

but can’t keep it forever!

Realizing this I give my 100% to present

And then in future,

keep on smiling like fool

recalling these silly but joyous stuff!


the cycle continues…

Else I would have never realized importance of any.


I live in good times


wait for them when time is not favourable!

History or mistakes?

When something goes wrong again, one says history has a bad habit of repeating itself again and again! But, isn't it our curiosity to take similar decisions again just to confirm what actually was the mistake, the one we considered or the one we could not discover? Or just one failure could not give enough lesson and we could not hold our-self from doing same mistake again?

And there are several mistakes that give us pain again and again but we still can't avoid them as committing them gives us so much pleasure and peace that we keep on taking risk!

People and Experiences!

Even if you decide to follow your brain, complications are no less…

Brain is confused with soo many things lingering in it!

It has been very common –

Experiences say something and people say else

You feel something is right but

People appear to give their opinions to manipulate your thoughts…

Even this happens –

People say something and experience turns out to be else

You can never distinguish what people hide within

and what they spit out!

Sometimes I doubt,

Is it worth trusting someone?

Or everyone is just same

Because that’s what most of experiences till date suggest!

That’s where my beliefs differ from others –

Test before you trust…

Live before you love…

Keep your eyes open,

even if there are attempts to make you blind!