Indian Time

A word used by several people at several occasions
But do they follow that?
People talk about time management
But does everyone follow that?
It seems as if it’s a custom in India to be late at occasions
But why?
There are people who are always punctual
And trust me, they don’t like waiting
Do you realise – that by being late you are spoiling someone else’s time table?
Why do people think that being late makes them celebrity ?
Or is it laziness or lack of TIME management?
But still, isn’t it an unsaid responsibility that you don’t disturb someone else’s plan???
What would be your impression if someone had to let go some other important stuff because of your habit?
Can’t we change this habit and do far more than regular work?
Imagine if things around you keep on getting late consistently,
Wouldn’t it be behind those on time?
Why not adapt to change if it drives us ahead?
Remember –
There is a difference between occasional uncertainty and regular habit!!!


A relationship that doesn’t demand formalities

It doesn’t demand anything rather…

It’s just mutual consent to support each other



They are the ones for whom you don’t need reason to talk

They don’t care whatever way you say

They listen to you for hours

Only important aspect is you talk


They know you more than you yourself

They know your moods and accept them

You can’t hide emotions from them

They can read your face beyond what is visible


They don’t want you to fulfil their desires

They want you because they feel good when with you

They point your mistakes

They accompany you where no one else dares


It’s not a short term compromise

It’s a long term bonding

Which does not have its end visible…

Colourful day…


A two day festival

Celebrated all over India,

Irrespective of one is politician, business person, student or anyone else.


Conveying message of unity and positivity,

The festival is an opportunity

To get new friends,

Meet old friends

Get closer to people around.


It teaches one more lesson,

Victory of benign over malign (holikadehen).

Though not everyone understands it

But still it is reinforced every year by the fest.


Keep on celebrating

It’s time to enjoy,

After all it’s just once a year…

It does not merely colours you

But also refreshes you.


Tomorrow is again another day,

To get back to casual regular chores…

Today is the day to meet people,

And forget about worries…

Blue Ocean

For the first time I realised

That all of us are surrounded by inspirations

Only thing lacking is recognition…

That conscious thought that makes us realise that it’s an opportunity…


Just scan through –

Our environment points out alternatives for all,

Whether it’s a writer, business person, person looking for new habits or companions and so on…


When we realise it consciously,

We develop things that make us stand out of the group…


Yes, you need to hear the sounds of forest to achieve exceptional

Keep on searching for inspirations,

We always have them around us…


And when we get a new idea, we get attached

We try to dig through further

We explore opportunities

And turn out to be leader and expert…


So move out to new places,

Observe the environment around…

Explore things that are unconscious for most people…

Think of it consciously and leave casual people to casualties


Yes, failure is always a risk

But somewhere we still stand out because we took that risk…

Numerous instances prove that failures bring out most astonishing revolutions at times…


Do something that is not usual

Observe something that is normal and take it as unusual

And look within

It will definitely make you think that general people don’t…


Keep exploring

Keep failing

Keep trying

Keep defeating…!!!

Alien Discussions

What happens when a person sits with a group,
And the group starts discussing…
But, the topic has no established base in one’s nous
It seems as if one is an alien.
It happens that one is familiar with the words being used
But doesn’t know how are they being related?
Because each domain accepts the meaning of words according to its convenience.
When this happens for the first time,
One actually feels as if world has moved ahead-
While one has suddenly woke up after ages
What can one do in such situations?
One can be like me who starts writing about it
Or if one is interested,
One can ask in order to clarify
If not interested, move out…
Is that a valid option?
What if group is of one’s close ones?
Or the topic was so generic that one was assumed to know it?
It might be preferred that one listens without participating
Later explore the core basic and connect…
Generally people don’t like such situations,
But they broaden one’s horizons of knowledge.

Forced Lectures

Does it happen that you did not intend to but had to attend some lecture?

They might be forced upon with benign intentions

But what if you already know the content?

What if the scope of your responsibilities and lecture are different?


If one is actually interested in the topic,

But what if same point is repeated numerous times?

Things become boring, don’t they?

What if the distractions and digressions are high?

Is it always possible to concentrate?


What if lecture is monotonous?

What if lecturer can’t justify the stand taken in some issue?

What if lecturer is quite too loud or extremely soft?


Has it ever happened that you feel lecturer is not in a good mood and is searching for excuses to exert the frustration?

What if even your mood is out of control?


What if it’s a weekend and you are supposed to attend lecture on something you already know?

Would you be interested even in making attempt to concentrate?

Experience discussion and activities might come as rescue…


Is it only me who feels that if certain lectures are not forced-

time can be of much better use?

Undesirable stuff

Have you ever dealt with things unwillingly?

Been somewhere you don’t wish to be?

Yes, for sure…

Imagine if it was to be experienced regularly?


You don’t like the things around –

But you can’t do anything about it?


You see an opportunity, strive hard

But all you get is a lower magnitude of failure…

A ray of hope – a bit more might fetch more…

But what if such experiences turn out chronic?


With experience,

You accept that you can get anything but what you want.

You don’t enjoy what you have

But don’t have an alternative either

After all even your present was your choice once…


It’s fact that most of the times,

Decisions don’t fetch outcomes you expected

But another fact is that meeting expectation is RARE…

Yes, that’s rare, accept it!!!


Hum akele me kya muskuraye, logo ko laga hume pyaar ho gaya

Sahi he log, kahi na kahi dil se izhaar ho gaya

Humara badla hua roop dekh log samje k humara beda paar ho gaya..
Duniya kaha jaane k humare pyaar ka antt to bina ikraar ho gaya….
Bina soche samje chal pade hum uss raah par jiska dusra chhor hume maaloom naa tha…
Lekin manzil ki fikar thi hi kisse, humare liye to raah ka safar b kuchh kam naa tha…
Kismat galat he yaa hum, pata nahi..
Bas itna jaante he k pyaar koi khata nahi…
Pyaar karna kisi k liye mana nahi…
Lekin uski ummeed kisi bala se kam nahi….


Yes its International women’s day today…

We have so many days being coined

But do they really fulfil the purpose for which they were coined?

Do people with ill mind-set realize importance of women today?

Do people actually take steps to give respect and love to those women who deserve them?

Are these days just meant to express and wish?

Or, does even action is desired?


I always felt that days were coined so that we don’t forget any important part of our lives.

These days are assigned so that we revere certain moments that convey some message

The message – that these days are not just name-sake.

Yes, the days do call for wishing and celebrations,

But don’t they signal you to change your attitude towards something?

Or, help some ignorant change his perspectives towards these things?


Wondering Terrorism

So many news, so many alerts

Uff these unsafe dirts

Sometimes I wonder,
What inspires terrorism?
Is it society?
or is it their mental blocks?
What will all these deeds gain?
Is it about spreading fear?
Or satisfying one’s weird mind?
Sometimes I feel it might be a publicity stunt,
People searching for the heads of various groups…
But is it popularity or notoriority?
I hope I could once meet such a person and interview him-
To ask what goes on in their mind?
What sort of feel they get by doing it all?
Why they just want to search a hide out everyday?