Criticising Bitch

People say I’m a critic in each and every aspect;
But was I always like this?
Or have experiences changed me?
You might not know me in all my moods
Mood, yes that’s something that changes with environment and people around!
There were instances when I could see only the better part,
But how did things changed?
It’s experience that I had with certain people and situations-
that made me see things the other way round
Now I understand that things are not as they seem to be,
One needs to do entire analysis of the intentions to judge.
It’s my experiences and failure of judgment that made me a critic today.
And, is it only me who thinks that way?
Or you don’t intend to stay straight forward?
Yes, I might not notice something exceptional work,
But mistakes generally always catch my sight;
But, is it always wrong, bad or rude?
People say they want honest opinion;
Won’t explaining your opinion serve as one?
It’s not me who points out things in public to dename someone;
I’m the one who prefers to express things personally;
Then why is it always me- being considered as a criticising bitch?
How can you judge that I can’t be casual or sweet based on single experience?

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