Forced Lectures

Does it happen that you did not intend to but had to attend some lecture?

They might be forced upon with benign intentions

But what if you already know the content?

What if the scope of your responsibilities and lecture are different?


If one is actually interested in the topic,

But what if same point is repeated numerous times?

Things become boring, don’t they?

What if the distractions and digressions are high?

Is it always possible to concentrate?


What if lecture is monotonous?

What if lecturer can’t justify the stand taken in some issue?

What if lecturer is quite too loud or extremely soft?


Has it ever happened that you feel lecturer is not in a good mood and is searching for excuses to exert the frustration?

What if even your mood is out of control?


What if it’s a weekend and you are supposed to attend lecture on something you already know?

Would you be interested even in making attempt to concentrate?

Experience discussion and activities might come as rescue…


Is it only me who feels that if certain lectures are not forced-

time can be of much better use?


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