Alien Discussions

What happens when a person sits with a group,
And the group starts discussing…
But, the topic has no established base in one’s nous
It seems as if one is an alien.
It happens that one is familiar with the words being used
But doesn’t know how are they being related?
Because each domain accepts the meaning of words according to its convenience.
When this happens for the first time,
One actually feels as if world has moved ahead-
While one has suddenly woke up after ages
What can one do in such situations?
One can be like me who starts writing about it
Or if one is interested,
One can ask in order to clarify
If not interested, move out…
Is that a valid option?
What if group is of one’s close ones?
Or the topic was so generic that one was assumed to know it?
It might be preferred that one listens without participating
Later explore the core basic and connect…
Generally people don’t like such situations,
But they broaden one’s horizons of knowledge.

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