Blue Ocean

For the first time I realised

That all of us are surrounded by inspirations

Only thing lacking is recognition…

That conscious thought that makes us realise that it’s an opportunity…


Just scan through –

Our environment points out alternatives for all,

Whether it’s a writer, business person, person looking for new habits or companions and so on…


When we realise it consciously,

We develop things that make us stand out of the group…


Yes, you need to hear the sounds of forest to achieve exceptional

Keep on searching for inspirations,

We always have them around us…


And when we get a new idea, we get attached

We try to dig through further

We explore opportunities

And turn out to be leader and expert…


So move out to new places,

Observe the environment around…

Explore things that are unconscious for most people…

Think of it consciously and leave casual people to casualties


Yes, failure is always a risk

But somewhere we still stand out because we took that risk…

Numerous instances prove that failures bring out most astonishing revolutions at times…


Do something that is not usual

Observe something that is normal and take it as unusual

And look within

It will definitely make you think that general people don’t…


Keep exploring

Keep failing

Keep trying

Keep defeating…!!!


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