Indian Time

A word used by several people at several occasions
But do they follow that?
People talk about time management
But does everyone follow that?
It seems as if it’s a custom in India to be late at occasions
But why?
There are people who are always punctual
And trust me, they don’t like waiting
Do you realise – that by being late you are spoiling someone else’s time table?
Why do people think that being late makes them celebrity ?
Or is it laziness or lack of TIME management?
But still, isn’t it an unsaid responsibility that you don’t disturb someone else’s plan???
What would be your impression if someone had to let go some other important stuff because of your habit?
Can’t we change this habit and do far more than regular work?
Imagine if things around you keep on getting late consistently,
Wouldn’t it be behind those on time?
Why not adapt to change if it drives us ahead?
Remember –
There is a difference between occasional uncertainty and regular habit!!!

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