A blast that actually kills so called ‘ineligible candidates’
People criticise this way to check efficiency
But still,  initial screening is always by marks
And that’s why candidates want them by hook or crook
People even go till the extent of having special exam friends!!!
As a kid,
I always used to hate exam
Because I always felt-
Teachers love asking things I’ve not studied
While growing up,
I became a bit serious about exams
I remember studying for entire nights during my boards
Further I becoming serious for my career
And competitive exams started playing their role
Not every competitive exam gave me a competitive edge
In college,
Exam was just another day with pen and papers
It is no more special or important
It is part of routine now
I always crave to belong to ancient times,
When acharyas used to teach techniques
And exam was all about applying them
It checked efficiency according to situations
Don’t we now just check efficiency of brains for remembering the theories?
Things such as projects, case studies etc were introduced to tackle it
But who guarantees that efforts were of student himself?
At times people with better guidance
Or better impression in mind of evaluators
Move ahead
What about others?

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