Wheel of joy and despair continue

Sometimes I don’t enjoy good times fully –

because I constantly fear its end.

Sometimes I actually know

that their end is near…

I know this is something I’ll miss

but can’t keep it forever!

Realizing this I give my 100% to present

And then in future,

keep on smiling like fool

recalling these silly but joyous stuff!


the cycle continues…

Else I would have never realized importance of any.


I live in good times


wait for them when time is not favourable!

History or mistakes?

When something goes wrong again, one says history has a bad habit of repeating itself again and again! But, isn't it our curiosity to take similar decisions again just to confirm what actually was the mistake, the one we considered or the one we could not discover? Or just one failure could not give enough lesson and we could not hold our-self from doing same mistake again?

And there are several mistakes that give us pain again and again but we still can't avoid them as committing them gives us so much pleasure and peace that we keep on taking risk!

People and Experiences!

Even if you decide to follow your brain, complications are no less…

Brain is confused with soo many things lingering in it!

It has been very common –

Experiences say something and people say else

You feel something is right but

People appear to give their opinions to manipulate your thoughts…

Even this happens –

People say something and experience turns out to be else

You can never distinguish what people hide within

and what they spit out!

Sometimes I doubt,

Is it worth trusting someone?

Or everyone is just same

Because that’s what most of experiences till date suggest!

That’s where my beliefs differ from others –

Test before you trust…

Live before you love…

Keep your eyes open,

even if there are attempts to make you blind!