Remember suddenly all attention of family shifted from you to your new-born sibling?

A feeling that ruled your mind once, but disappeared with acceptance!

Initially you were excited to keep on talking to your sibling though you knew he/she did neither understand you nor would respond!

After few days you realise, you need to share things with sibling – everything starting from toys to room!

Once he/she starts growing up, they demand your stuff with full right and you both indulge into fight, but end up approving younger one’s demand…

But once childhood departs, the bond is realised and you share those sibling secrets and codes and desires!

You seem to be more responsible and protect the younger one, but do you remember when you were unwell, attitude had reversed?

When together, you can’t resist quarrelling, but when away, you can’t resist caring! That’s why your sibling was the first one to hug when you returned from some trip.

This is the strongest bond one experiences – a perfect blend of irritation and affection!!!

It grows with nourishment by understanding and tests of time!

Keep giggling with your sibling and live life to fullest!!!