The extremes

I feel that behaviour of people currently are on two extremes. I believe that both personal and professional life are equally important and need to go hand in hand. But in reality, I see people on extremes.

Some people get so crazy about relationship and stuff that they even take steps such as suicide in some cases – they don’t realise that they have responsibilities towards their parents, they can have their own aspirations other than “love” to be fulfilled etc. I completely understand there might be moments when we fail to understand what is right for us but being rational is very important in such situations. I personally believe it’s better to delay decisions rather than taking them while your mind is not stable!

On the other hand I see people who just want their career to be the best at any cost. Few are crazy for money and rest are for power. They do not mind harming other people or their reputation if it can give them some advantage. There have been several instances when people have moved on path of crimes to achieve their aspirations!

It’s really rare nowadays to find people who concentrate on both and follow certain dignity while walking on their path. Some people say that these people are not practical but being honest I feel they are the most practical people. Such people are the most trustworthy and comparatively helpful to people. But such tendency is harmful for themselves. People understand their weaknesses well and know how to take advantage of them in different situations. Between the two extremes, these people suffer!

The only thing I think people should understand and follow is being rational and respect other people along with their feelings or beliefs. You need to consider all the stakeholders while taking any decision and moving ahead! In long run if we want to be successful or happy, we don’t have to put other people down or punish ourselves for someone else’s mistake.



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