Thirsts that never quenched!

Don’t be Shrushti!

In a wonderful city, Ahmedabad lived a wonderful girl named Srushti. She was never a topper but still most sensible person amongst her aged people because, she did not like mugging up or impressing faculty members. Apart from this, most of the times she moved out of the examination hall first, as she always used to write that was required to clear the exams. She was quite conservative while calculating marks during exams and hence ended up with average scores.

Developing an interest for a good career, she started becoming sincere about her scores, which did no good. She appeared for competitive exams, but could never reach the colleges or score she targeted. She could go through all hardships, even compromising her sleep, social networking, social functions, etc. but nothing brought her results. Even placements did not meet her expectations.

She fell in love but not every story has a good end. People did try to get closer but not for her friendship but for her help in some tasks or due to her figure. She understood things and took each step cautiously but could never deny help though being quite bold and sarcastic in general. She always had courage to go anywhere and demand her rights, but emotions always remained her weakness.

She accepted it that her thirsts for love and recognition could never be quenched. Only relief was that she even had few actual friends to talk to whenever she could not bear aloofness anymore. She reduced socializing or participating, and soon was a boring creature who was once a tough competitor in dance, sports, social events and so on. Once the most responsible, is no more interested in taking any responsibility.

The life continued and she continued to exist. Even if good things come across, she doesn’t pay attention and is away from the world while being a part of it. Neither excitement nor bothering comes to her anymore. Living is just a formality she does!

(Declaration: The Character as well as story is fictional. The story tries to convey how the life can be if one takes everything negatively. Everybody needs motivation, if external world doesn’t support, one needs to understand the importance of self-motivation.)