The most critical and distinguishing feature of a democracy is elections! It’s a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the most crucial decision of the country, for the public. All Political parties publicize themselves and put their vision in front of public to get more votes and make the government. Over time it has been observed that such marketing initiatives have had significant impact on the voting done by public.

But sometimes I wonder, there is nothing like clean politics rather it’s just the blame game these parties play! At times one realizes that parties do not show their positive side but rather highlight other parties’ negative aspects. The spirit is not move up but rather to pull the other down. Why can’t we have a healthy competition in this domain? Why to involve so much of negativity for something that has direct effect to the growth and development of the economy?

I’m from Gujarat and tomorrow is the elections’ results, though one can’t be sure but somewhere everybody has idea what are going to be the results. I’m pretty sure it’s not because of the promises made by any of the parties but rather the experiences people have had historically. 

The choice of people was not much difficult because nobody was trying to judge on which all aspects is particular party good at but rather the judgement was which party less bad than the others. Yes, the development was brought in the picture at some point of time but it took a backseat in front of other things.

During elections, everybody wants to convince everybody but even public knows that all the promises made during elections are not practically viable. Government too has limited budget and has work and take decisions accordingly, it cannot favour particular category of people while being unjust to others or incurring huge costs.

My personal opinion is that development is something that does get stimulated by the government in power but at the end the responsibility lies on the citizens. Every individual should contribute to the betterment of the society and economy. 

Yes, it is important to point out mistakes and inappropriate aspects about the competitor but that is just a part of it, more important thing is to point out one’s own strengths and developmental initiatives taken and planned ahead.

At times people might not be much clear on certain initiatives taken and such opportunity should be utilized to highlight the positive results of those initiatives or rather decisions!

Whatever is the case, it’s always interesting to listen to leaders during elections and boil down to their strengths and weaknesses. It can be completely agreed upon that up to certain extent the current way of working helps to get favourable results, may be not everybody but set of people do get influenced with such efforts!