People and Experiences!

Even if you decide to follow your brain, complications are no less…

Brain is confused with soo many things lingering in it!

It has been very common –

Experiences say something and people say else

You feel something is right but

People appear to give their opinions to manipulate your thoughts…

Even this happens –

People say something and experience turns out to be else

You can never distinguish what people hide within

and what they spit out!

Sometimes I doubt,

Is it worth trusting someone?

Or everyone is just same

Because that’s what most of experiences till date suggest!

That’s where my beliefs differ from others –

Test before you trust…

Live before you love…

Keep your eyes open,

even if there are attempts to make you blind!


Happy Mother’s Day!

First relation in this world is with your  is Mom!

Whenever one gets hurt,

First word that you utter is Mother

When you are searching for something,

First person you remember is your mother

Whoever might come and go…

Lady having highest importance in your life is your mom!

We assigned a day to thank her,

For all her selfless deeds

And ocean of love that she hides in her heart!!!

Get your mother happy by whichever means she prefers

She actually deserves it!

There can at least be this day

When we can do something for her!!!

Know Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat which is very much developed as far as infrastructure and standard of living of people is considered. It exists since 1411AD and is named after Sultan Ahmed Shah. It has a significant role in textile industry’s history; it is considered as Manchester of the East.

Ahmedabad has always caught attention of outside world due to its continuous development. When Gujarat emerged as a state, Ahmedabad was initially suggested to be the capital city but it was recommended that the new capital should be similar to Chandigarh and hence a new city was developed and named after Mahatma Gandhi.

It has 12 gates within the core city and hence has received title of “City of gates”. It has various heritage places that demonstrate the earlier civilizations and talent. The foundation of the city was laid in Manek buraj.

There are few unknown stories about Ahmedabad for example Aurangzeb was born in Dahod. Yes, the great Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb was born on 3 November 1618, in Dahod, Gujarat. He was the third son and sixth child of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. His father was a governor of Gujarat at that time.

The real Ahmedabad lies in its pols and they have their own history. The pol houses in Ahmedabad are known for their carves and curves.  After returning from Africa, Gandhi resided in Akashethkuva ni pol shree surendranathmedh. There is a school in Khadia (in Jethabhai ni pol), Ahmedabad named Vanitavishram girls high school whose foundation was laid by Mahatma Gandhi.

Moving to the present era, did you know that the first all-vegetarian Pizza Hut was opened in Ahmedabad? Ahmedabad is fifth largest city of India and has population around 6 million and hence is looked at as a market. Due to this various popular chains have started focusing on its demands.

There is so much to explore in Ahmedabad and know about it! The journey doesn’t end by just seeing what is visible rather exploring it is fun and worth it!!!

Intellectual Property Day

People say that tangible things might get stolen,

People might use it without permission…

But Intellect is something unique to individuals.

People use their intellect to innovate.

And to recognize these people,

Government took steps in the form of Intellectual Property Rights

that cater to trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.

It’s Intellectual Property Day on April 26

And this time the theme all over the world is

Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined

Theme too points out the new trend!!!

Worth Knowing:

The date was particularly chosen because the World Intellectual Property Organization came into existence on this day in the year 2000.


I don’t whether it’s a boon or a curse…

People like me think about each and every word said or every act done
Sometimes it leads towards recognition of wrong intentions
And sometimes makes you think of things you are not supposed to!
It gives stress but you have no control over it
Interpreting things helps you in understanding the other person well
But interpreting every aspect might even spoil the relation
People do not always mean what they show
That’s why they are considered complex
It’s difficult to understand when to ignore and when to think
But experience will teach you that…
Don’t always take things the way they are
But at the same time,
Also remember that not everything has hidden meaning!
Don’t allow your brain to make you too sensitive to be people friendly!
People may then have to think twice before being with you
Stay straight forward, practical and groom your actions and thoughts according to situation!!!


A blast that actually kills so called ‘ineligible candidates’
People criticise this way to check efficiency
But still,  initial screening is always by marks
And that’s why candidates want them by hook or crook
People even go till the extent of having special exam friends!!!
As a kid,
I always used to hate exam
Because I always felt-
Teachers love asking things I’ve not studied
While growing up,
I became a bit serious about exams
I remember studying for entire nights during my boards
Further I becoming serious for my career
And competitive exams started playing their role
Not every competitive exam gave me a competitive edge
In college,
Exam was just another day with pen and papers
It is no more special or important
It is part of routine now
I always crave to belong to ancient times,
When acharyas used to teach techniques
And exam was all about applying them
It checked efficiency according to situations
Don’t we now just check efficiency of brains for remembering the theories?
Things such as projects, case studies etc were introduced to tackle it
But who guarantees that efforts were of student himself?
At times people with better guidance
Or better impression in mind of evaluators
Move ahead
What about others?

April Fool

April 1st… here is the day which is meant to fool people…

There is a day in year that is actually very interesting. I’m still unaware of the logic behind it but people enjoy fooling each other. It somewhere brings out the inner innocence of the individuals by the way of their minor attempts to make people believe what they are saying. This is a single day when no one trusts anyone around, but still no one feels bad about it.

Sometimes I wonder… how interesting is it to fool someone, though just for few moments. It actually gives a different type of pleasure, an unusual satisfaction to fool a friend. But, on the contrary if the attempt fails or tables turn on you, it becomes a very awkward situation… you feel uneasy even among your own people.


Indian Time

A word used by several people at several occasions
But do they follow that?
People talk about time management
But does everyone follow that?
It seems as if it’s a custom in India to be late at occasions
But why?
There are people who are always punctual
And trust me, they don’t like waiting
Do you realise – that by being late you are spoiling someone else’s time table?
Why do people think that being late makes them celebrity ?
Or is it laziness or lack of TIME management?
But still, isn’t it an unsaid responsibility that you don’t disturb someone else’s plan???
What would be your impression if someone had to let go some other important stuff because of your habit?
Can’t we change this habit and do far more than regular work?
Imagine if things around you keep on getting late consistently,
Wouldn’t it be behind those on time?
Why not adapt to change if it drives us ahead?
Remember –
There is a difference between occasional uncertainty and regular habit!!!


A relationship that doesn’t demand formalities

It doesn’t demand anything rather…

It’s just mutual consent to support each other



They are the ones for whom you don’t need reason to talk

They don’t care whatever way you say

They listen to you for hours

Only important aspect is you talk


They know you more than you yourself

They know your moods and accept them

You can’t hide emotions from them

They can read your face beyond what is visible


They don’t want you to fulfil their desires

They want you because they feel good when with you

They point your mistakes

They accompany you where no one else dares


It’s not a short term compromise

It’s a long term bonding

Which does not have its end visible…

Colourful day…


A two day festival

Celebrated all over India,

Irrespective of one is politician, business person, student or anyone else.


Conveying message of unity and positivity,

The festival is an opportunity

To get new friends,

Meet old friends

Get closer to people around.


It teaches one more lesson,

Victory of benign over malign (holikadehen).

Though not everyone understands it

But still it is reinforced every year by the fest.


Keep on celebrating

It’s time to enjoy,

After all it’s just once a year…

It does not merely colours you

But also refreshes you.


Tomorrow is again another day,

To get back to casual regular chores…

Today is the day to meet people,

And forget about worries…